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We all want to be remarkable.Your business demands it. Our communities crave it. You know you’re on the right trajectory when opportunities launch you into unexpected directions you never thought possible. Join Kate Volman and fellow marketing strategist Kyle Sexton every week as we explore ideas you’re not considering, share stories from others like you who despise mediocrity, and discover how whatever you’re building has the power to change your business. Change your community. Change your trajectory.

Dec 26, 2017

Kate is crushing on Tara Brach's book Radical Acceptance

Kyle goes on a tangent to talk about Net Promoter Scores (again) and Kate makes a face (12:40) as she pretends he's on topic. 

Athletes have a special kind of mental toughness. Kate's approach to mental toughness is to surround herself with the right coaches and mentors, just like the world's best athletes. (16:30)

Kyle's approach (18:40) is to surround himself with people who are on the same path and a similar stage. It's a little different than Kate's. 

"If you're losing the game and celebrating a dunk, you have the wrong mindset." ~ Kyle Sexton

According to Kate, the Five Second Rule ( isn't about how long you have to eat the cookie you just dropped on the floor. It's a count-down to "start doing it." 

"Taking action leads to more action." ~ Kate Volman

Kyle describes the "painted picture" described by Cameron Herold in his new book Vivid Vision

"Elephants are why people show up." (40:30) Kyle tries to explain his bizarre metaphor about business and marketing. It probably has nothing to do with mental toughness.