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We all want to be remarkable.Your business demands it. Our communities crave it. You know you’re on the right trajectory when opportunities launch you into unexpected directions you never thought possible. Join Kate Volman and fellow marketing strategist Kyle Sexton every week as we explore ideas you’re not considering, share stories from others like you who despise mediocrity, and discover how whatever you’re building has the power to change your business. Change your community. Change your trajectory.

Dec 28, 2017

Kate makes another reference to Juicy Jeremy while she teaches Parkinson's Law and SMART goals. (1:30)

Kyle admits that he tried using an email auto-responder telling people - including his boss - that he's a busy person and will respond to emails at 11am and 4:30. #employeefail 

"Breaking News, Internet," declares Kate. "Kyle just discovered that there are 26 hours in a day." Wait, what? (15:20)

Kyle's new mantra is "No agenda? No attenda" while he acknowledges he's a sucker for brain-pickers. (18:00)

Kate introduces Kyle to something called a "walk-and-talk." Mind. Blown. (20:30)

Kate recommends the Steven Covey approach begin with the end in mind

Tech: Kyle uses Get Momentum to stay focused throughout the day. People can also block disruptive apps and sites by using FocusMe.  (31:15)